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Trench Coast


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Appeared beginning of 2023 with the debut single release “Television”, the Berlin based artist Trench Coast lays its sound between gloomy electronics and indietronica, wave and ambient. Followed up by a remix of the “Qrauer” track “Cool Edit” as part of the remix album “Heeded Fazes” published at Nonostar Records, Trench Coast restricted itself to original track material only to create an odd swirling audio experience.

Trench Coast is one half of the former synth- wave duo “Trains on Fire” that published its final album in April 2023. With the upcoming album “Drinks”, which is going to be released on plusplus, Dec. 1st, the story is further developing.

The album soundscape ranges from spheric synth and sample artifacts over abstract eletcronica attitudes up to dreamy Mustang and Telecaster lines with selected vocals. The collection of nine tracks has been created over the remaining three years.

Produced by Trench Coast

Mixed and mastered by Toby Lyndt